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ESG Target Date

Target Date Allocations for Socially Responsible INvestors


ESG Target Date offers a series of target date allocations for qualified retirement plans with a focus on socially responsible investing.


Participants of qualified retirement plans aim for solid investment performance, but also believe their investments should contribute to positive social, environmental, and governance practices.

ESG Target Date strategies offer the diversification of target date funds with the sustainability of ESG investing.


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Why Target Date Funds?

Simplicity & Diversification

Target date funds are designed to be a convenient and simple way to invest in a globally diversified, multi-asset portfolio suitable to a participant's needs based on their approximate retirement date. Target date funds offer a disciplined, long-term approach to saving for retirement.

Qualified Default Investment Alternative

Since the passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, the Department of Labor has required certain criteria for investing participant contributions. Target date funds are a single investment capable of meeting QDIA requirements. 

Avoid Common Investment Mistakes

Target date funds help participants avoid common mistakes, such as investing too aggressively, investing too conservatively, or poor market timing which, in turn, may raise participation rates.

Glide Path

Target date funds take the responsibility of rebalancing from the participants. Investment allocation decisions will be made for the participant for the life of the investment based on a certain target date. Learn More →


What is ESG Investing?

In billions of US dollars. Source: 2014 Global Sustainable Investment Review

In billions of US dollars. Source: 2014 Global Sustainable Investment Review

ESG or environmental, social, and governance investing is a rapidly growing theme motivating investors who aim for strong financial returns and a positive ESG impact. These investors wish to take a broader view and evaluate issues such as water and energy security, climate change, human rights, supply chain labor standards, business ethics, and executive compensation when evaluating and analyzing investment options.

More and more investors are adopting a socially responsible mentality in their investment decisions. According to the 2014 Global Sustainable Investment Review, global sustainable investment assets have grown from $13.3 trillion in 2012 to $21.4 trillion in 2014. Sustainable investment assets in the United States have grown 76 percent over the same time period. ESG investments now represent one out of every six professionally managed dollars in the United States. This trend is likely to continue as millennials (a major force behind ESG investing) accumulate assets for retirement. 

ESG Target Date is leading the way in developing a series of target date strategies with a focus on responsible investing. Participants of defined contribution plans no longer need to sacrifice personal values and goals while saving and investing for retirement. 

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